Exciting Cupcake News!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ok well really only exciting to me but hey its my blog so i thought i would share:)...Ok so a few weeks ago one of my favourite big YouTube personalities Paperlillies posted a video all about the amazingness of cupcakes..She ask people to go off and make their own cupcakes send her their creations so thats what me and my friend did..it all was going well until we realised that we had no cupcake tins:(...Disaster struck as none of them held there shape and grew into the strangest of shaped cupcakes..It would be a waste to throw them away so we decorated them anyway to fit their shape..Check out her post of the pictures at her blog (http://misslilies.blogspot.com/) and check out her youtube videos too..she is really funny and creates some amazing art work:)

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