Hey :) It's been a while

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

So since the last time I posted lots has happened. Me and Hazel(meowsaidpooks)  had our craft fair which went great:).The buzz of selling is a really fun experience and been told by people they love your stuff is so sweet. Theres a picture of our stall on the day:) So cute.
College at the moment is stressful with our exhibition "cirque de cirimique" coming up in less than a month so trying to get work for that at the moment. Should be a great night thought. ill put a link here and on the side to the blog for it. The poster we chose is adorable created by the magical Anthony(fusspot).

Also with college at the moment I am on work placement and I chose the lovely ruth of NiceDayDesigns andSupplies. Was a really fun day today getting to help with the sewing of her cute new pin cushions. I had forgotten how much fun sewing is and really want to start getting into it again.

I think thats everything up to date so ill leave you with some cute snowey photos form New Years.

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