The Weird and Wonderful Portland (part 1)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hey! So this blog will now in some post become a sort of mini travel blog, wanting to show you all the magical attractions and qualities that make the city of Portland such different city and what drew me live here for the summer in the first place.
  One of the first thing you'll notice and if like me appreciate about Portland is that its a big beer town! Every area seems to have their own brewery pub and they are all different, I never knew there could be such a variety of beer. iI would reccomend going to any McMenamins location and get the taster tray, this includes about 7 different beers you can try so you will know exactly what to get to suit your tastes.
Pittock Mansion is one of the only mansions in Portland that has been preserved in its original late 19th century state and open for viewing by the public. The interior as well as the exterior are stunning with views overlooking Portland and its interesting to see how people lived back then.

Another house that is interesting to go see but not for reasons that Pittock is Keanas Candyland, a Hanzel And Gretel style candy store. When I heard about this place I got very excited as I have a very big sweet tooth but it was soon diminished once i arrived. From the outside its cool to see the plastic sugar canes for drain pipes but as you walk through everything seemed quiet outdated and that includes the candy. The baked goods chandalier and ceiling was a highlight but everything seemed too close to the old fairytale and I was expecting a Witch to appear at any second.
For a more traditional tourist day out you cant go wrong with the amazing Japanese Gardens and the neighboring Rose gardens. Some amazing things to be photographed.

Roller Derby is huge in Portland and we were lucky enough to see the championships this year and they were intense but so much fun! Those girls are tough!

Food carts are another huge thing here, but not like at home where all you get would be a dodgy burger here you can get a pretty decent meal form them and still at low cost. They pride themselves on being the best so they make the best food they can. Potato champion is by far my favorite with their variety of sauces and gravy, makes my hungry just writing about it.

All and all Portland is a pretty amazing place and thats only the beginning of the amazing things i have and will see. I mean its not everywhere in the world they have toy horses guarding the streets.

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