Why hello there:)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Yes yes I know it has been a while and i could go on for ages about how sorry i am and what i have been doing with all this time but ill just do it in one sentence..College, Travel, Life!

So there will be some changes to this blog as you may come to notice. The name change is the most noticable. I was just not very happy with the name choice i previously had as it reminded me too much of  old lady knitting tea cosies, even if that may be something i will venture into:P. I will now be under the title of lessthanthreebyclaire.blogspot.com. I hope people like it as I think it will be a more fitting name to fit what i want to produce in the future as not everything I do may be craft based. Another big change is that I am now blogging form the lovely city of Portland, Oregon! We have been here for about a month now and it is amazing! I will hopefully do a separate post on here soon as there is so much crazy amazing crafty goodness here that needs to be shared!

Wil update soon! x

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