The Weird and Wonderful Portland (part 2)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

* Warning: This post contains images of yummy mouth watering food *

So if there is one thing that you can in no way avoid in Portland is amazing food with no shortage of variety.


  For breakfast you could start with Slappy Cakes where you can enjoy the fun of making your own pancakes with whatever toppings you want! Tasty and fun!

 For lunch you could make a stop to one of the top food carts in the Mississippi area FlavourSpot and sample a truely unique invention. The dutch taco is basically waffle shaped like a taco and stuffed with whatever takes your fancy with beautiful maple butter. Heaven!

 When dinner time swings round you cant beat heading down to Fire on the Mountain for a buffalo wing fix with more than 10 sauces to choose from! Believe me you have to have a mouth of steel for the hot sauce so proceed with caution.

And after all that if you are still hungry and don't mind queuing for a good half hour (at any time!!) head to the infamous Voodoo doughnuts where you can find an assortment of strange but delicious doughnut concoctions, including bacon and maple!

I'm hungry just reading this. Yum.

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