Old Clothes Anew

Monday, February 28, 2011

So for my day off this week I went back home which always means rooting around to see what I can take  :P I started in my wardrobe, there is clothes in there that I had completely forgot about and have begun to see in a new light, there is also clothes that have just never seen the light of day. Ill hopefully during the week start a small eBay shop and see what i could get rid as alot of it is like new but just not to my style anymore. 

I bought these heels over a year ago and only wore them once!! Im just not a high heel person but i think ill have o try again as they go so well with this cute heart shape bag!:)
 In first and second year of college I literally lived in this dress but then just forgot about it:( Must be worn again soon.
And this bag is a great tote form Topshop but I actually found it in a charity shop years ago...for way way cheaper!

Ill hopefully start a small eBay shop during the week to see what I can get rid of as a lot of it is like new but just not to my style anymore so they need a new good home:) Thanks to Loladee for her great tips on how to get one started.

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