Places I love ( Illustrated)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011




I have been fortunate in my life to visit some great places over the years but a few stick out in my mind as places I truly love.

Portland was where i spent the majority of my summer last year and as much as I missed home it pained me to leave, such a great town, not too big not too small and bustling with crafters and artists. 

Seattle was like the big bother of Portland (also quiet close so many visits were made) with really amazing vintage shops and markets.

London has always been a favorite of mine forever and rightly so with the best shops, museums and not to mention all the musicals you could ever need! I found all these adorable illustrations and prints on Etsy from some great artists, check out the links under the image to view more of their work. 
Let me know your favorite places :)

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