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Sunday, April 24, 2011

So i have been tagged by the amazing Loladee in the Kreativ blogger awards posts (last week:/.sorry for the lateness) to write 10 things about myself and to tag ten more bloggers to take part. Its a pretty cool idea so I hope to see more of these posts from people around the blogging world.

So my Bloggers are:
Gina of Doe-c-Doe
Hazel of MeowSaidPooks
Katie of ColorMeKatie
Danielle of SomethingSweet
Melina Bee of Melina Bee

So here we go:

1. I study Ceramics in college but I hate getting dirty.
2. I have only one tattoo, a bow on my wrist.
3. I'm a Harry Potter nerd!
4. I'm a hoarder, never throw anything away and always know were everything is because I like to be super organized which leads to...
5. The best purchase I made this year was a really nice Filofax for myself..i make lists for everything!
6. My boyfriend is the most creative and imaginative person I know...he inspires me to push myself all the time.
7. I have almost always had a fringe. Cant imagine myself without it.
8. I own far too many A line dresses.
9. I one day hope to be my own boss with my own cafe and/or vintage handmade store.
10. I really want a little west highland terrier that I can name Seymour and have him wear a bow tie. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading my list!..Link me yours! x

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