Where am I?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ok so I know I have been the worst blogger this month (a month!) but I do have my reasons; its coming to near the end of college and its getting super busy and the work just keeps piling up( if interested in that my college blog is here). Soon it will be all over and i cant wait!!Soon I can make, do and Blog whatever I want :)
Even through all my complaining and stressing I have managed to procrastinate quite a bit with some lovely new blogs i have found! (Click on the names below and it will bring you to their lovely blogs and websites)

Placed- amazing illustrations and cute post(and irish!)

WhatKatieDoes- A life I would love
MadebyWhite&Friends- Just so cute!!
PolkaDotRobot- 4 of the coolest and craftiest girls:)
 Know any other blogs i might like? Let me know otherwise ill run out of ways of procrastinating and ill have to actually do some work! :/

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