Wardrobe count

Monday, July 11, 2011

So after moving home I was faced with the almighty task of trying to put all my treasured possessions away. It amazing how much that can build up in a year. You end up having doubles of everything for some reason. Im the worlds biggest hoarder as well so trying to cut down was a very difficult task indeed. In the end I did part with 2 bin bags worth of clothes and shoes and boxes of random crap collected over the years. My new wardrobe count is now:

45 tops and tshirts
27 dresses (+ one i bought yesterday:P)
24 cardigans
14 skirts
11 shirts
5 pairs of jeans 
2 pairs of shorts

Pretty reasonable now I think. Well at least now I can fit them all in one wardrobe. This photo is via Intagram on my phone..Makes even my photography look good :)


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