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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ok so this post is going to be a bit different to my usually cute adorable things that I like (don't worry though there will still be many of them:P), its a bit creepier which a quality I also love.
I don't know what it is but I really have a love for old abandoned building and all I ever want to do is explore them. This is Katy Daly's, an old pub set into the middle of nowhere countryside of where I'm from and has been closed down for a good 20 + years now. I have always had a fascination by it because I have been hearing about it since I was a kid, my father worked there, my grandmother worked there and my mother even celebrated her 21st birthday in there but I had never been near it since it has a big scary don't go in there fence around it. This summer though my boyfriend being whole lot braver than me(I don't like breaking rules:/) convinced me to finally climb over the fence and see what has been intriguing me for so long.
It was very beaten up from scum bags breaking in to go drinking and the like but it still had so much character, even thought it was a lot smaller than i thought in my head. I could only imagine what it could have been like in its heyday.....

Katy Dalys ballina
Katy Dalys ballina Katy Dalys ballina Katy Dalys ballina Katy Dalys ballina Katy Dalys ballina

I hope to find some old photos of what it was like back in the day and compare it was what it is now. May have to go root the old photos albums in the attic when I get home.

Ps. I hope you enjoyed the photos! I took them on my iPhone so hopefully next time I break into an abandoned building I have a better camera:P

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