Have Yourself a very Indie Christmas

Sunday, December 11, 2011

So it's getting to that time of year again when we have to decide what is the perfect gift for our nearest and dearest. This year as I have gone back to being a poor student once more so I wont be able to buy much for the ones I love but I do try to make sure what I get is something a bit different and living in Galway has giving me no shortage of great places to go for some great independent shops and designers...

Here are my favorite I have come across:

"Granny Won't Like It"is a new pop up shop in the middle of Galway filled with many of the great Irish designers and craft people that our little country has.

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My favorites from the shop were the fabric prints of the designer Abigail Ryan and
her range of cushions, tea towels and adorable lavender pillows.

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Also loved this laser cut jewelry! Didn't say who the maker was but the "diamond" rings were my favorite.

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The Christmas market is also in town until the end of December but to be honest didn't have much gift wise. Great to walk though though and pick up some yummy sweets and nibbles, there's also a carousel!!

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The local market has more of a selection I feel and its all year round you would be sure to pick up something, and it has the best cheese I have tasted in their cheese and wine shop.

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I have saved the best for last with my favorite shop in Galway PippaBlue. Its a great craft store selling an array of fabrics, buttons, ribbons and wools that I have already bought an abundance of. But aside from supplies they sell adorable kids toys, notebooks, plushies and jewelry. I can spend hours and a lot of money in there. I can't even pin point my favorite thing in there because I love it all.

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I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my new little town. Let me know of any special places you will be going to find your unique gifts.

Ps. Now that I have some free time over the Christmas stay tunes becuase Im going to have some fun posts and tutorials coming up. :)

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