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Thursday, January 12, 2012

So as per usual I start this New Years thing pretty late. I seem to not be motivated the days of New years to make amazing changes to my life. Could be because I'm still at home and still in Christmas mode. I need routine so I always wait until the week I go back to college to start working on any resolutions I have made. So that is this week and heres a shortlist of some of them (I alway write far too big a list:/)

Description of Photo
Didn't really know what photo to put in so this was basically how I spent my christmas, hanging out with this guy:)

No. 1:
This is related to this little slice of the internet I take up. Coming to the end of last year I was really starting to get back into blogging and was starting to enjoy it again, seem to be getting a lot of positivity towards it too so this year I really want to make it more consistent and set a schedule for myself to do it and not let it wain when I get the slightest bit busy with college. I will be realistic though and I will post once of week on a Saturday or Sunday about something I love or interests me and if I can do more than that I will but I know if I say ill do 2 or 3 ill feel too stressed by it and not do any at all!

No 2: 
Also blog related, I am going to redesign my blog and make it a lot more functional than it is now with more information about myself. This may not happen until the near the end of this year but it will be this year!

No 3:
Learn to use an SLR. I love seeing blogs with amazing picture and you know it is because the properly know how to use one. My dad has one so I'm going to practice with that and hopefully eventually I will be able to own my own. Also my boyfriends Dad is obsessed with cameras so he can give me a few tips. 

No 4:
Get in shape! I know a very typical resolution but last year with the stress of finishing college it has really taken its toll on me so something needs to be done. I know I wont go to the gym 5 days a week as it is a half hour walk away, intimidating and astronomically expensive. Over Christmas I got to try Zumba on the Wii and it is so much fun and would have no problem dancing myself into shape! I am very lucky enough that we had a Wii just sitting at home never used and my new room in my new apartment is big enough to use it. With all this I WILL stick to it!

I have a few little mini ones as well like finish my masters, pass my driving test, pay off loan, stop biting my nails and see Imelda May live as I have missed her play 3 times now!

I hope everyone else's resolutions are going well! Stick with it next year will be easy peasy!!

                                           Happy Belated New Year!!

PS. Let me know what you would like to see on the blog! What posts did you like from last year or what didn't you like! I would love to hear what you think! :) 

PPS. If anyone is on Instagram and is doing the #Janphotoaday challenge let me know! 

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