Thursday, February 02, 2012

So if you are not already aware I am a lover of the amazing iPhone App Instagram! In January a challenge was set to take a photo everyday for that month and I was more than excited to take up the challenge since I use it almost everyday anyway! I really enjoyed this little project and Im pretty happy with the outcome, its nice to be able to look back and remember a snippet of time from each day. Here's a recap of all my photos, some I love and some are just silly but i'll look back at each one fondly. Hope you enjoy! And if your on Instagram let me know and follow me @Claireannq. Did you do the challenge? Did you enjoy it? Are you doing the #FebPhotoADay challenge??


Ps. In other new got my results for my first semester of my masters and I couldn't be happier! Great comments from lecturers over all except for my grammar and spelling structure and now Im really conscious  of it even writing this!:/ I hope that maybe by keeping up with writing my blog it might help.  Apologies to anybody else who has noticed my terrible english:P

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