24 Goals Before 25

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last week I celebrate my 24th birthday, like New Years I always think birthdays are a great time to re-evaluate yourself and write down some goals. As I mentioned in my previous post, 2012 was not a good of a year as I hoped so I really want to try counteract that this year. Taking inspiration from Kaelahbees blog post I have made a list of a 24 goals I plan to achieve before my 25th birthday (mid 20s!Guh!) next year. Some are silly and some are big, and they are in no particular order but it has taken me a while to settle on the 24. 

1. > Find my blogging voice

I have been on and off blogging for the past 5 years(!!) and haven't really let myself settle in enough to find what I enjoy writing about so I plan to write about whatever I feel like, however bad it is until I figure it out. 

2. > Start making YouTube videos

This is genuinely something I have wanted to do since 2007 when I started watching so many amazing vloggers but I have never been confident enough to just do it. 

3. > Get a paying job I enjoy

At the moment I love the job I am doing but it is an internship so my hope is when I finish here  to move on to paid employment of some kind in the same area. 

4. > Plan a big trip 

Have only been able to afford small trips here and there all through college so if the above goal goes well I can save and go somewhere amazing; interrailing is a possibility. 

5. > Pass my driving test

This has been on my list of things to do for far too long.

6. > Move out of shared accommodation

I am really craving my own space as of late, and a bedroom is someone elses house just isn't cutting it anymore. Also I have too many things, I could easily fill my own house or apartment now. 

7. > Move in with Anthony

Just waiting for him to move home! 

8. > Restart my creativity 

I use to love making things! Need to figure out how to get going again as it has been a long time. 

9. > Start sewing again

See above. My sewing machine is being wasted in a cupboard.

10. > Do a clothing clear out

My style and taste is evolving and changing but my wardrobe isn't really reflecting that, I am a hoarder at heart!

11. > Get into an exercise routine and stick to it

I tend to get really excited about an exercise routine but then something will throw me off and I get distracted by something else. At the moment I blame Downton Abbey. 

12. > Read one book or more a month

My stash of unread book is growing far too large for me to handle. 

13. > Start a savings account

Once a paying job comes into my mits this will happen as I used to be a great saver! 

13. > Bake more 

14. > Be more adventurous with cooking

These two I know are related but they can still be separate goals right? :P I have so many recipes pinned on Pinterest and have tried hardly any. 

15. > Get a bike 

16. > Buy a DSLR

17. > Learn how to use it

My iPhone and my little pocket panasonic camera are all well and good but a solid SLR would be great to have and use.

18. > Pay off my student loans

Already started on this one. 

19. > Go proper camping in the wilderness

20. > Go kayaking 

This is more of a boyfriend goal than mine but any sport that involves sitting I'm on board.

21. > Visit a county in Ireland I have never been to

I have been terrible for travelling around my own country, so many places I haven't been and want ot visit. I'm looking at you Dingle!

22. > Print photos 

I was very good for this but haven't got to it in a while.

23. > Scan and save my Nanna and parents photo albums

Pretty much the opposite of the last goal but good to have both, plus some beautiful old pictures I want to reprint for myself. 

24. > And finally, enjoy myself more and quit worrying so much about the little things. 

Think this one is pretty self explanatory, and if I can do this I can achieve everything else on my list. 

Fair play if you got to the end of this post. Great to see what I hope for the year all written down in one orderly list. I do love a good list. :)

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