I'm back

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Feels weird to be writing this, a blog post after a YEAR of not writing. This post is just a small check in to say I plan do get into the swing of blogging regularly again.  

Its funny to think that I had been gathering such momentum on my blog last year and I was really enjoying creating content for it and I then just stopped. There were so many factors as to why this happened, I’m not going into too much detail in this post but 2012 was a hard year for me. It was also an amazing year with some great memories as the selection of Instagram photos from the year show, but I had a lot of those little obstacles life throws at you getting in the way. It was kind of like in Takeshi's castle, you think you are going fine until a foam bolder comes crashing out of nowhere! (See video below of that awesome TV show!) My confidence had been severely knocked and college just took away all enjoyment of writing. 

Earlier this week was my 24th birthday and I have made a promise to myself to start working through some of these issues and just get on with it. Have to stop worrying so much about what the future has in store for me and what people think and just do what I want without worries. In the past this blog has been a bit shallow, which in some cases it may stay being but I want this blog to help me to keep track of some of the amazing things that do happen to me in my life right now and quick focusing on the impending doom I make my future out to be. I love having a space to call my own and that I can choose to post random thoughts like this or a hair tutorial if I wish, it is for me to decide.

Anyway here’s to a fresh start! Hope you can join me in my new adventures whatever they may be. :) 

Sorry in advance if this post is a bit babbly, hard to know what to write after so long. 
Stand by for your regularly scheduled programing.


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