Summer Haul

Thursday, June 06, 2013

So one thing online I am quiet addicted to is hauls. I really love getting an insight into what has been on the shopping lists of people as I am such a nosy character. I know I am not the only one so I thought I would give it a go myself and show you what some of my recent purchases have been lately coming up to the summer that has finally decided to show itself in Ireland. There is a mix here of clothes and makeup, all super cheap as even though I like to splurge every now and again I currently work within a teeny tiny budget. 

SummerHaul My first item is this beautiful striped mint and cream dress from Penneys (Primark in the UK) that I snagged for the tiny sum of  €7! I originally saw this dress about a month ago and fell in love but the €17 original price was not near my reach when you need more practical things like groceries! I was delighted when I spotted it again a few week later reduced but alas not in my size. Me and this dresses story was coming to an end until a week or two after I was perusing Penneys on my lunch break again as I can usually be found doing and I found the dress again and this time in my size! It had some footmarks form being stomped on but nothing a simple baby wipe didn’t fix. (Not going to lie I did try to bargain it down to a fiver but no go! I’m that cheap). It is a perfect fit, length and such a great heavy material. For a dress form Penneys priced this low the quality is impressive, it is going to be my new fancy dress for fancy occasions as of course I go to so many!

SummerHaul SummerHaul
These two dresses above are from Forever 21, cant remember the exact price of each but I think they were both around €20. For me that would usually be expensive for dresses but I though the patterns and colours are so classic I will get all year round wear from them. I will especially get wear from the Navy polka dot as it is so easy to throw on and make dressy with some nice shoes or throw a cardigan and some converse on with it a dress it down. I was shocked I didn’t already own a navy polka dot dress already! The red has a beautiful small floral print (sorry it blends with the bed!) is a shirtdress which is as you can see with my next purchase is something I think I’m beginning to fall in love with!

This Toille pattern dress is a great find again from Penneys and again for €7! Much lighter material than the last dress but I couldn’t resist the pattern and the button up collar. I don’t think I would have paid full price for it as I’m not mad about the cut out detail on the sides; literally every dress this year has cut outs, give me the rest of my dress!! I’m tempted to buy the same dress again and sew panels of the material on the side but we will see. 

A few great make-up finds I have been loving since I purchased. As I have been on a budget as of late I have been trying to save my Urban Decay Naked Pallet that I love and is great for everyday wear but if I used it every day it will be gone before I know it. I was on the hunt for some neutral shades a reasonable price. The Essence Quattro is about as reasonable as you can get with makeup as it was less that €4 but it was a pleasant surprise as it has a great colour range in it for all I need and good pigment. The same with they nail polish, it is €1.70 a bottle and paired with the right topcoat can last as long as the more expensive. Another beautifully cheap make-p brand I love is Natural Collection and their powder is something I have been using for years and it doesn’t ever do me wrong. Getting a bit more fancy is the Bourgeois Rouge Range lipstick that I got in this great orangey red shade. And finally I think my most extravagant purchase lately, the Benefit They’re Real mascara! I splurged on this in the airport so cost me €18 but it was worth it. Plan to do a review of this soon as I could babble on about it for a while here and I am conscious this post is very long already!

SummerHaulIf you follow me on Instagram you will already seen this beautiful yellow shirt that I purchased from this awesome vintage shop based here in Kilkenny, Shutterbug. They also have a great online store Folkster. It was a lot pricier that what I wouldn’t usually spend on anything but I fell in love with it, my birthday money was burning a hole in my pocket and with vintage it may be one in a million chance to find the exact shirt in the exact colour and material again. It is a subtle yellow silk with and elastic added to the waste to girlify it. It cost me €40 which at the time thought was steep but I have gained so much wear from it already it has paid itself back.

SummerHaulFinal purchase was this beautiful wallet, again from Penneys for €6. I have been on the hunt for a new wallet for months and really wanted one that could fit my iPhone. I dreamt of an Orla Keily classic wallet but with €100 difference in the price this Penneys gem seemed much more appealing. Also if you havent noticed by now stripes and patterns are a bit of a thing for me. 

Anyway thank you if you got through this long long post, sorry the lighting is crazy in some photos!. Let me know if it something you enjoyed reading as I really enjoyed writing about some of the new things in my life.

Have you made any purchases lately? Any bargains worth checking out let me know as you can tell from this post I like to get a lot for a little.


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