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Sunday, August 04, 2013

I thought today would be a good day to talk about addiction and in particular my addiction to certain magical pieces of pop culture. When I like something I can't just casually like it, I get obsessed with it and far too overexcited when the perfect gif on Tumblr appears for it. Below in no particular order are a few of my favourite little addictions and how they came into my life.

1) Harry Potter
Unlike many people it actually took me a while to get into the whole Harry Potter thing, in fact it wasn't until the first 2 movies were released before I finally sat down and read the books! But once I did I couldn’t stop, there was many sleepless night once I started and late night lining up for final book releases and movie releases. I still even have the cinema ticket stub from the final movie in my wallet that I can't bring myself to part with.

2) The Office
When I lived in America for the summer a few years ago my cousin and me were unemployed and broke so we decided the wisest to do was to download the entire series of The Office and it was the best decision we could have made. I’m not as into the new series since the amazing Michael Scott departed but how could you not enjoy the greatest love story of out time Jim and Pam!


3) Game of Thrones
This is a pretty new addiction of mine; it came about because Anthony and me were sick of people telling us to go watch it! But to be fair to those people one episode in they were right! It’s just so addictive! Haven't got as far as the books yet but I can't wait! I think the above photos explain it all, fucking Geoffrey! It deserves two gifs.

4) Hunger Games
Same with Harry Potter it took me seeing the first movie for me to get into this series. I remember getting the books and saving them until I finished my thesis last year and got through them so quickly! I was disappointed with the last book but I just love Katniss so much as a character and the violence of it all!

5) One Direction
Do I need to say anymore :P Everyone secretly has this addiction, I know it isn’t only me over the age of 24! I can’t even pin point when this addiction started, more that likely when Harry Styles turned 18 and I didn’t seem as creepy as I am probably still sounding. Ha!

If any of this nerdiness is of interest to you to follow me on Tumblr as that is where I can be found spending a large amount of my time endless scrolling far too many hash tags. And before you comment yes I know I have the interests of a 14 year old girl but I'm ok with that :)

Hope you are enjoying my Blog Everyday in #AwesomeAugust! Getting into the swing of things but need to stop posting at 11 at night.


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