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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Favourite Scents || Claire-ann.com

So due to my many over and back trips to England to visit Anthony I spent A LOT of time in airports. And a lot of time in airports means a lot of aimlessly perusing the Duty Free, and especially the perfume sections. I also use to work in the perfume section of Boots so that didn't help for my love of expensive water either. Here are some of the scents I am loving lately, some I already own and some on a wishlist that may never come true. Sometimes I have expensive taste unknowing to myself. 

1. The first is my scent as I like to call it, Miss Dior. It is a very girly scent but I love it as I like anything sweet or citris. I am lucky enough to already own this as it was a Christmas present from my mother and I could never afford it for myself. Also it can't get more me with the big silver bow on top.

2. I'm including the three Chanel Chance perfumes here as I adore them all. I use to think there was only the pink one which is similar to the Miss Dior until my mother again (the woman is great!) brought me home yellow bottle. The yellow is a much deeper scent and more distinct Chanel I think. This is more of a night time scent for me as it is on the stronger side.

3. Number three is on the other end of the price scale entirely but doesn't mean I love it any less. The Body Shop Vanilla perfume is such a simple perfume but smells amazing. I find with some one scent perfumes always smell a bit fake, but this is the perfect vanilla scent. Love to pick this up as an everyday perfume as the price is very reasonable and would go so well with my Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite moisteriser

4. I heard about this scent through EssieButtons blog and it sounded like such an odd combination I had to test it out when I was in Jo Malone's. It is Jo Malone Earl Grey Tea & Cucumber which doesn't sound like the most appealing of combinations but when I tested it it was heaven! The perfect citris fragrence, super fresh and summery. 

5. Finally a fragrance I think I love more for its packaging than its scent. The new Marc Jacobs Honey is a very me scent, its fruity but does have a caramel scent to it too. I was cornered by a woman in the duty free obviously trying to make her commission on this perfume but the poor girl had no luck as she mistook me for someone with money to spend on such luxuries.

Day 10 of #AwesomeAugust! Hope people are enjoying it as much as I am. 


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