Final day as an Intern

Friday, August 09, 2013


So today I reached a very important landmark in my life. Today is my final day of being an intern. After four years of college, a one year masters and almost a year long internship I think the education part of my life has come to a close. Of course I am still going to be learning but I suppose a better way of phrasing it would be my final days of working my ass off for no pay has come to a close! I have been very fortunate that I enjoyed my internship and they are keeping me on paid a little while longer as heard from many friends their internships have turned out to be horror stories. Feels bittersweet to be finishing now though as I feel like I need to now be a grown up and begin to pay my own way. The scary prospect of adulthood had been looming for a while and now it is here! 

Anyway another day of #AwesomeAugust and to celebrate this important day I'm going to see Dirty Dancing projected on the big screen this evening. Lots of popcorn and sweeties to be had! I don't have to start being a grown up straight away. 


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