Friday Again?!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Every Friday seems to have the same feeling of relief lately, the feeling that thank god it has come around as the week seemed never ending! In saying that though I can't even believe it is Friday again already. All my Fridays seems to involve epic amounts of driving and getting in late meaning late posting. 

This weekend is set to be another busy one as my best friend is moving to Finland for 2 whole years next week so her last weekend is going to out with a bang. To Dublin first bright and early in the morning for the ShutterBug Vintage Kilo Sale and then back to Limerick for an all nighter going away party! Looking forward to it all but I know I will be wrecked after it all. I'm going to try some mobile blogging as I want to keep up the momentum I have but we will wait and see. Sometimes life really does get in the way of documenting it. 

Hope everyone is set for fun packed weekends too. 


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