Review || Human + Kind Facial Cleanser

Monday, August 12, 2013


Today I thought I would do a review of a product that has quickly become part of my daily skin routine. Human + Kind are an Irish brand I only discovered recently after a friend bought me this cleanser for my birthday. The cleanser is an all-natural face wash paired with a matching cotton face cloth using the tagline “Skincare with a conscience”. I'm not really sure how much of a conscience it has but I do know after using it over the past few months it has made an impact on me. 

I have really tried to get in a better routine with my skin as for too long in my life I have been a going to sleep in my makeup on/ face wipe kind of gal. I have got very big into my exfoliating scrubs before bed but really wanted something a bit gentler to use in the mornings. This cleanser fits that bill a treat, as I don't think I have ever used anything as gentle on my skin. I can even use this on my eyes to remove the last of my mascara with close to no irritation. It also has a fresh scent and in comparison to some of my cheaper brands there is a serious lack of a chemical smell I now notice in my other face washes. I think my favourite thing about this wash though is the face cloths. I don't know why but it just never dawned on me to use a face cloth when washing my face before but now even in the evenings with my scrubs I have to use one otherwise I just don't feel completely clean of makeup and dirt. Its amazing/ kind of gross to see what you can wash off your face everyday and that I used to before leave my make up sit there. I even notice now I am wearing less makeup because my skin has been in such better condition. 

Price wise it is a lot more than I would usually spend on a cleanser at €14.95 (I got it as a present) but seeing the difference in comparison to cheaper brands I think it will definitely be something I will purchase again. I have also had the 100ml since May and I am still only half way through so it is worth it for even that. 


I’m hoping to pick up a few more products from their collection as they have quite an interesting range. In particular the family remedy looks like a magic cream that can cure everything! 

Day 12 of #AwesomeAugust! Hope to have a few great posts up this week so stay tuned. 


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