Nail Biting

Monday, August 05, 2013


Today is just a quick post about a habit that took me 23 years to shake. From as long as I remember I bit my nails. As a child my mother would try every little trick in the book to make me stop from making me sit on my hand to painting them in pungent flavoured nail polish, which is a taste you eventually learn to live with and bite through. I thought by college it would have been a kicked habit but I was wrong. Working in ceramics made me want to bite them down even further as I HATED having dirt underneath them so seemed silly to grow them out. When I went into my masters and moved away from the dirty work that was ceramics I did begin to slow down on the biting, even going to the bother of painting the little stubs I had. This wasn’t long lived when the stress of the thesis came into play. Biting my nails was the greatest and most relieving distraction I could have had when I took a break from the keyboard, it would bite until there was nothing left to bite.

And then I stopped. No magic potions, no chopping my hands off; the day I handed in my thesis was like a weight had been lifted and the need that was always there to bite and bite and bite just left me. I wish I had advice to give people to help with nail biting but I don't as it just happened naturally for me. The only thing I can recommend is to paint your nails as pretty as you want, even if they are still only stubs as your will be more likely not to start eating away at all your hard work.

Day 5 of #AwesomeAugust! Woke up this morning totally motivated and did some blog brainstorming for the month but when it came down to it this evening writing this post was hard work as I am not feeling the best at all. Trying to eat healthy but I don’t think my body likes it very much. Happy to post something though, tomorrow is another day!


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