Outfit Of The Day

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Thought I would do a quick outfit post today seeing as I bought a few new things and I am loving them all. This is a very casual outfit for me I know as I can usually be seen prancing around in frilly dresses but I don't know if it to do with the weather or the practicality of adulthood is finally hitting me I am in love with jeans and tshirts lately. Seeing as I can't get away with novelty tees in work I found this pretty alternative on sales in Dunnes yesterday for €6! Yes it is totally a net curtain but i love it!


Outfit details: 

Red Vest - Tescos
Net tshirt - Dunnes Stores
Jeans - Heatons (bargain at €15!)
Pumps - Penneys
Teapot necklace - Present from a friend

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday! I'm off to a play tonight and very excited as it has been a while. 

Ps. If you haven't noticed already all my blog post photos have been with my iphone so I apologise if the quality isn't amazing but I do plan to get a decent DSLR soon (or at least a new SD card for my digital camera)


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