Trying Something New

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So this weekend in the small village where my boyfriend is from there was a mini arts festival. And like many rural arts festivals it was a mash of many different things. Amazing food, t-shirt printing, music, jugglers, crafts and of course no arts festival is complete without some archery. Archery was always something I wanted to try, an ever growing want since the release of Hunger Games so I said I would give it a shot! Get it, shot! Anyway cheesy puns are hard to get across in blog posts. To be honest I really thought it would be a lot easier but before you can even reach the target trying to pull it back was the hardest part! In the end I got a score of 51 out of 80 which I guess isn't too bad for my first go. 

Always glad to try something new though so hopefully I will make a habit of it. Maybe work on my upper body strength though before making a habit of archery. 

Day 20 of #AwesomeAugust! Can't believe how fast this month is going! Have you tried anything new lately? 


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