Wedding Outfit Idea

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wedding Outfit

Green dress / Dolce & Gabbana strappy pumps / Alexander McQueen skull handbag / Bridal jewellery, $620 / Lauren Conrad faux pearl earrings

My big brothers wedding is creeping up pretty fast now, Friday week! I think for a while I had been in denial about it and just kept putting off the idea of actually finding the final outfit. It took me a a few outings to find the perfect dress and and I'm still needing to put together the finishing touches to the outfit. When I was struggling to find inspiration for the finished ensemble and figuring out what looked well together I turned to Polyver. It is such a great way to put together simple mood boards and outfit inspiration. Here is one I created when I was still in the figuring out stages of what I was going to wear, this isn't too far off what I am wearing in the day but I won't spoil it now.


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