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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Today I haven't been feeling the best; feeling very out of sync and just tired. My favourite thing to do when feeling on the lazy side of life or well whenever I have any bit of a spare minute you’ll find me trawling my YouTube subscriptions. 

Below are tasters of some of the great channels that keep me entertained on a daily basis. As my interests are pretty varied so are my YouTube choices. 

I only discovered Essiebutton a few months ago but she has easily taken the place as my favourite beauty vlogger. She has got great style and taste but also hilarious to watch. 

EssieButton Channel

Jamie Oliver
What more can I say; everyone knows how much I love Jamie is and I was more than delighted when he started up his YouTube channel recently. He features great recipes from himself and other amazing chefs and all for FREE!

Jamie Oliver channel

I have been watching WheezyWaiter for years and he is the one vlogger I have gone back to time and time again. His videos are pretty random and full of streams of in jokes but they are the only videos I can rely on to make me giggle every time. 

WheezyWaiter Channel

Most Irish people know already who Clisare is or at least of her hilarious video on Sh*t Irish Girls Say. The rest of her video are just as funny and I really enjoy her new videos called #Irish Bucket List where she is planning to visit the coolest things to do in Ireland. Getting to see things I didn't even know existed! Also her name is Claire so she is already awesome in my book. 

Clisare Channel

If you are into you Games of Thrones I really recommend Comic Book Girl 19! She does amazing videos on the history behind the series and if you like me haven't read the books yet it’s such an interesting insight. She also does great movie reviews and has brilliant recommendations for all this a little on the nerdy side. She is even getting me to want to read some comics that I didn't think possible. 

ComicBookGirl19 Channel

Let me know if you watch any of these channels  above too or have any recommendations you think would keep me as distracted as these do.

Day 6 of #AwesomeAugust! Getting into it!


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