Family Wedding Joy & The End of Summer

Saturday, September 07, 2013


So #AwesomeAugust kind of fell by the wayside when it came to the end of August, but I'm not going to feel bad about it as I realised I don't want this blog to begin to feel like a chore. I know putting pressure to post on myself will suck all the joy out of it. In saying that though I did still manage to get out 21 posts over the month and some I was really happy with. It felt great to write whatever I wanted and not really think about it too much, sometimes with blogging I get a bit bogged down on what to write about and over think it and end up not writing anything. I have to remember this blog is for me and if anyone enjoys reading it that is just a great bonus. 


Anyway all that aside some exciting events took place over the past two weeks of no posts. As I mentioned before my best friend Niamh moved away to Finland for two years to study so we had few celebrations and sad goodbyes. I'm hoping for her to start a travel blog when she is over there to keep track of all her experience because I imagine it will be incredible! Also Niamh is the most fashionable person I know so even to keep track of her lovely winter outfits will be a plus for anyone to see. So Niamh if you are reading this you better be getting on that. 

We also celebrated my big brother getting married! (If you didn't already guess from the photos) It was an amazing day out and of course my brother and his new wife looked stunning as you can see from the above photo. Even though it would take me a lot to forget, the wedding really reminded me how close and caring all my family are. I loved seeing everyone come together to celebrate something so exciting. This time last year my Dad had received awful news regarding his health so seeing such a turnaround in him was the greatest thing to see so the wedding topped it off nicely. My Dads speech had almost everyone in tears at the wedding but it really did mean a lot to him and everyone there for him to be back to full health. It was my brother, his new wife and their beautiful little girl who had a big part to play in that so he acknowledged it beautifully. 


Above is my outfit from the wedding and as you can tell by my cheesy posing I loved it! The dress was so simple and fit me like a glove. It was on sale in Coast a few months ago for a bargain price considering the quality. It is a thick navy satin and perfect a-line shape with an underskirt for added puff as I like to call it. I was lucky enough to borrow the gorgeous Irregular Choice shoes and matching handbag that went perfectly. For my head I wore a pearl bow headband I bought from Penneys about 3 years ago which sat nicely with my little beehive hairdo. 

Hope everyone had as a lovely August as I had. It was a great summer overall but I am very excited for the Autumn to set in. 


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