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Thursday, September 19, 2013

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I am always on the lookout for easy to wear lip colours that can be used everyday. Easy to wear is usually something nude or pink but I do prefer the look of a dark lip on myself. It is a big ask to commit to a FULL ON red lip all day in work so I needed a compromise. It has taken me a while to find such a perfect lip product but I finally found it in the shape of the Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters. There has been a lot of talk about these miracle lipsticks over many beauty blogs but every time I went to swatch o my hand in Boots I wasn’t convinced. I decided to take a chance on the Berry Smoothie colour as it would be a good staple and I was so glad I did. On my had it came across patchy and pale but once it hit my lips was a different story. It was moisturising but it felt like it would hold well and not slip. Also the colour pay off from them is pretty impressive considering they are really a lip balm, and is very buildable. It wasn't seriously long wearing but when they are that soft you wouldn’t expect it to last all day. I can definitely make it to a late lunch in this lipstick and only have to do a small touch up.


After falling for the Berry Punch I ran out and purchased Candy Apple which has surpassed so many of my favourite red lipsticks to be a new staple. In comparison to many of my lip products they are on the pricier side at €11.20 (Yes I am cheap!) in Boots but at the moment it is Buy one get One Half Price so I recommend checking them out if you are the market for an everyday lip colour.

Ps. Sorry the photos in this post aren't that great, I have been using my iphone a lot more recently as I lost my SD card so hope to get a new one soon. And eventually a nice camera!

Hope everyone is having a good week.


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