Shutterbug Kilo Sale

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I am very late posting about this but seeing as it was such an interesting event I think it deserved to be shared.

So for anyone reading this into vintage clothing and from Ireland you are more than likely to have heard of Shutterbug. For me I heard of them when I made the move to Kilkenny and it was a shop everyone told me to check out. I personally found that with vintage shops in Ireland they cater to a certain style and I just couldn’t find anything I was into. With Shutterbug though even though they have the over sized denim jackets and sequined maxi dresses there was more variety in styles that everyone could get something from. My friend Niamh being the stylish fashonista she is absolutely loves the place so when we heard there was going to me a Shutterbug Kilo Sale in Dublin we knew this would have to be her last stop before her big more to Finland.


We decided to head up early that day, as we wanted to fit in another few shopping destinations in while we were up in the big city and we were lucky we did. I could not believe how many people were queuing that morning to get in the doors at 11. Once the doors opened it was a free for all; people running in different directions, grabbing anything they could from racks, pushing and shoving, it was crazy! I knew Shutterbug had a bit of a following but I just couldn’t believe just how much!


Inside I really didn’t think I would find anything that I would like but I was wrong. Once I got into the manic mind-set of hunting and searching rails I was lucky to find a few gems including a tweed jacket and a beautiful red skirt. There were a few things I do feel now after having time to think about it I could have lived without but when you get in there you could easily go crazy. I know once I make a few edits to the pieces I will be more my style.


I recommend if you are ever around Kilkenny to give the shop a visit even if you aren’t usually into vintage style. They also have an online shop called Folkster where you can buy more unique pieces. I would visit their Kilo sale again but maybe be more selective about the pieces I get as it is easy to build up kilos without thinking. 

I'll do a separate post to this one showing the few of the gems I picked up. Hope everyone is having a good start to September! 


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