6 Years of PhotoBooth

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My reliable little MacBook has gone through a lot in its past 6 years and nothing is more telling of this that the PhotoBooth album lurking within. It has seen house moves, friends come and go and many a procrastinating hours when a college essay deadline has loomed over me. This is culminated in a lot of random photos over this time and I thought it would be fun to make it into a stop motion or GIF kind of thing to showcase them. I love the end result! Just find it so fun to watch and in a way see my life flash before me . It may make me come across a little narcissistic but hey if you can't appreciate yourself how can you expect anyone else to. Like I mentioned in my 24 Goals Before 25 post I really do want to start making more Youtube videos from fun little projects like this to out and about videos and hopefully when I get the guts some reviews and haul videos. 

I have some great footage from a few mini adventures this weekend in Tipperary but after buying a new SD card my SD card reader is too old to read it so once I get a new one I can hopefully get editing. :) 

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