Kenmare Lace Festival

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Over the weekend I got the chance to visit the picturesque town of Kenmare in Co. Kerry for their first ever Lace Festival. Coming from a craft background, working in the craft industry and well loving all things cute and old fashioned I was pretty excited to have a look around.
Our first stop before heading on our Lace trail was to Cupan Tae. If you are a visitor of Galway like I once was you would know this place well. Full to the brim with beautiful china, tasty cakes and scone and my all time favourite tea, Galway Cream Tea (Kenmare Tea in this case).
Overall we saw some beautiful work but my favourite part of the festival was a lace library open to the public. The above catalogue was from the 1800s and I was terrified I was going to ruin it with my grubby fingers.
We finished the day by visiting the famous Park Hotel Kenmare. The hotel is like stepping into a scene in Downton Abbey with its old worldly charm and amazing views. I would like to say we stayed there but unfortunately with the €300 a room price tag it was a bit out of my budget.


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