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Monday, October 21, 2013

Am I the only one who finds the whole concept of shared accommodation a bit strange? Especially once you move away from the college student life. Well I do. Don't get me wrong I have lived with some lovely people and some not so lovely but isn’t it odd to have to share a living space with people you don't really know. You go from the comfort of living at home with a family who obviously know you, then to student accommodation where everyone is in the same boat and then expected after you have settled in your ways to live with complete strangers. Of course these strangers can sometimes become great friends but do you not think they should see you in your pyjamas after the fact not before.
I am getting to the stage now where I crave my own space - my own kitchen, my own living, and my own bathroom! There is something nice about being able to spread out your things, have a bedroom that is just a bedroom, not your office, TV room and even your dining room at times.
I am currently living in a house where I share with the landlord! Big mistake because like me she craves her own space but has let out her bedrooms to two tenants. She has decided to take back the house to herself and we are left with four weeks notice to find another bedroom to take residence amongst some new strangers.
As much as all this makes me sound like an anti social little hermit I don’t know if I can go down the house sharing route anymore. I would much rather a teeny bedsit to call my own than sharing a large house amongst 5 new strangers and having to learn their living quirks and bathroom schedule. The vague plan is Anthony will move home after Christmas so hopefully we can find something together then and we can call a place our own. 

I know our perfect home is still a very far off dream but if we couldn’t dream Pinterest would seem redundant. 

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