Review || Lush Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars

Friday, October 11, 2013

So every now and again you need to treat yourself (treat yo self!) to a nice bath. It happens less often that I would like it to as the joys of shared accommodation don't allow for you to take up hours of the bathroom at a time. But when I do get the opportunity for a long soak these Lush Bubble Bar and Bath Bombs make it a very pleasant experience. I never got the big deal about them before I was gifted a box of them for my birthday this year. I thought it was alot to spend on something you can only use once and you can buy a bottle of bubble bath cheaper. It didn't take long for me to change my mind though after trying them. 
Lush Bath Bombs
The first one in the picture above, The Comforter is a bubble bar and it really does create a whole lot of bubbles! It also smells amazing, if you like fruity smells like black-current you will love this. I also found after using it my skin was super smooth for days. When I used it I mixed it up with the bath bomb Think Pink (pictured at the end) it mixed really well with the scents and also turned the water bright pink! Looked so cool but my white towels didn't really appreciate it. Using the two in full was a bit overboard in bubbles so next time I think I would break off section to make them go a bit longer as they seem to give a lot for a small amount. I am yet to try the middle pictured, Creamy Candy but if the name and the fact the other two were so dreamy are anything to go by it will be amazing. 

Heading to Manchester this weekend so I hope to pick up a few more lovely bubble bars as I am now a converted Lush addict! 

Happy Friday!


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