Weekend Away || Manchester + Stoke on Trent

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I had a lovely short trip this weekend with a visit to Manchester/ Stoke on Trent to visit Anthony. It has been getting harder and harder lately to get the time for us to visit one another having full time jobs so we try to make the most of it when we can. The hope is he will get to move home at Christmas so fingered crossed that works out! I got the SUPER early flight on Friday so I spent a few hours wandering around Manchester, the majority of time spent in Primark and Boots ( they are just so much bigger there!) I bought a few things but I think I restrained myself thankfully. Friday evening was spent eating pizza and watching cheesy Irish horror comedy Grabbers
Saturday we took advantage of the 2 for 1 voucher on the cereal box and headed to Alton Towers Theme Park for the day. We had been before but I love roller coasters so I was delighted to get to go on all my my favourite rides again! And check out their new roller coaster The Smiler. It was awesome! So many twists and turns and I did feel slightly woozy afterwards but still loved it. Was super rainy but did mean the lines were a bit smaller than usual. I do wish I was there for Scarefest though, check it out here. It looks like a great way to spend Halloweeen!
Sunday was super chilled, we went to visit the British Ceramics Biennial and saw some lovely ceramics and ate some tasty Pie Minister pie. If you know Stoke you will know it doesn't have much but ceramics so not many options for a day out. We were lucky that the festival was on as we have pretty much done any other cultural thing there is to do there. Hopefully not too many visits to the place left but we will make the most of it for the moment.
We then headed back Manchester to catch my late flight home so I took the opportunity to do my favourite thing to do in Manchester, eat at Wagamama's! I know it's a chain restaurant but it is still super tasty!

I was sad to leave and got back super late to Kilkenny but it was definitely worth the trip to see himself.


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