Life Lately #1 || Moving, Working and Instagram

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I have been a busy little bee the past few weeks. Since the last time I posted I have been crazy in work, been to Dublin, moved house and had a boyfriend HALF move home from England (basically now living half the week in Ireland and the rest of the week in England). All of this and especially the moving really threw me out of routine and schedule and I have been trying to scrape a bit of normality back ever since. I find I am one of those people if I am not in a routine I find it very hard to get motivated to do anything and bad habits start creeping back in. 
Usually when I move out from somewhere I take two weeks or so to prepare, pack everything in labelled boxes and rid myself of any crap I have accumulated and no longer have need or want for. Unfortunately on this occasion I literally had an afternoon to pack up my life I had made for myself in that house. I am one person I hate to be rushed and under prepared so it has taken me 2 weeks to gather up the motivation to get it all together. 
I now feel like I am slowly but surely getting there though and I am now really trying to not lets life's little glitches set me in a spin. I use the excuses of moving and work to eat bad food and put off going to a weeks exercise class when really they are not whats getting in the way, its just my own laziness but I am trying to become more self aware when I am doing this and counteract it.  
Its little things that are helping me to do this like trying to eat as much fruit as I can and drink water throughout the day as I ind it so easy when I am out of routine or stressed to just go get a can of coke and sweets. I have also paid in advance for 5 Zumba classes on the lead up to Christmas because its the only way I know I'll go is if I have already paid for them. I am also trying to get organized with my Christmas presents buying and get it out of the way as soon as I can so I'm not adding more stress to me coming up to Christmas. Every weekend in my calender seems to be filled until then! (Manchester next weekend!) 
I don't think I have ever been as excited about Christmas as I am this year. It has nothing to do with the presents but I actually feel lately I just need the break. I can't wait just to spend time at home watching movies, going for walks, hanging out with my best friends (Niamh is back from Finland!) and indulging in a few treats hear and there. 
Sorry if his post is a bit random or babbly, just need to use this space as a little area to vent every now and again. All pics above are from my Instagram the past month.

Hope everyone's November is going well, hard to believe it is nearly over and 2014 will be here soon!


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