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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I have been after a new perfume for a while now that is not set at an extortionate price, and to be honest unless you are will to go down the celebrity endorsed perfume road and smell like a pre teen there's isn't a whole lot of choice (I secretly want the One Direction one though lets be honest). It currently use my Miss Dior for everyday but at its price I rather save it for special occasions and can be over powering at times. The Body Shop always have a great range of body sprays and body mist and I had originally planned to get their staple vanilla scent which is super cheap at around €11 a bottle but when I went it to buy it they had a shiny new line of perfumes to try out. I fell for the Madagascan Vanilla Flower which is very similar to the original vanilla but with more of a citrus added to it so it's really fresh. It is more pricey than the original at around €25 for the bottle but me being the savvy shopper I am I waited until the 40% off sale on The Body Shop website. I ended up getting it all including postage and packaging for £11.99. The only catch was they only deliver the the UK but that is the one upside to having a boyfriend living in England.
I am currently writing this on an iPad on the train, the joys of modern technology. Heading to Dublin for the rest of the week with work so hoping to get some tasty burritos and a visit to Lush in if I can.


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