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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Irish Christmas Gift Wishlist
Necklace || Ring || Blanket || Cups || Stool || Birdfeeder

So Christmas has snuck up on us all once again, and I for one cannot be happier! Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year and I have gone crazy with looking at beautiful things for other and sometimes for myself too. Working where I work I have an appreciation for all things Irish made and it isn’t hard at time when you find such beautiful things like the above. I particularly am in love with the green and grey throw from Cushendale Woollen Mills. I had the opportunity to go visit their studios last week and I should have much sooner as they are located right here in Kilkenny! All of these lovely thing and more can be found on the following Irish online stores - Coldlillies, Irish Design Shop and Makers & Brothers. Irish Design Shop and Makers & Brothers also have bricks and mortar shops in Dublin that stock even more pretty things. Check out the video below to see how they got their tiny department store all set up for Christmas this year. I hope I get the chance to visit this weekend. 
This weekend I will be surrounded by even more beautiful things as I will be working at the RDS National Craft and Design Fair so if you are around Dublin this weekend and looking to get some unique Christmas shopping done or even purchase some of the above its worth checking out. 

So is it too early to wish people Happy Christmas yet? :)

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