Weekend Away || Early Christmas Break in Manchester

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Last weekend I whisked my boyfriend Anthony away on a fancy surprise weekend trip to Manchester as part of his Christmas present. The weekend wasn’t really a surprise as we had done the same last year but the surprise part this year was how fancy the hotel room I booked for us was. I booked the Radisson Blu in Manchester Airport as we stayed there last year as its so handy to have the airport and the train station all in one place and pay half of what you pay in the centre of Manchester but this time I booked the Business Suite! I really wanted Anthony to have a super- relaxing weekend as lately life has been getting a bit on top of us. It was obviously slightly more expensive than the standard room we had there previously but totally worth it. We got Breakfast in Bed both morning, free pay TV movies, dressing gowns, slippers, a Nespresso machine in our room and a complimentary lounge full of free beer, and canapés. We are usually pretty happy with a simple room but it was nice to treat ourselves to something a bit more special for a change.

We also went to visit the Manchester Christmas Market to sample the tasty Baileys hot chocolates, got proper tacos for the first time, went to see the amazing Catching Fire in iMax (iMax is awesome!), visited the John Tyland library which looks straight out of Hogwarts, drank ALL the coffee,  and played with some kaleidoscopes of course. 

All in all a great little weekend and can't for all the relaxing all over again! I have been in the mood for Christmas ever since so the last few weeks in work have seriously been torturous! 

Only a few more days now :)

Ps. Sorry I have just been posting iPhone photos as of late. I have been taking loads of pictures of my camera since I got a new SD card but I stupidly didn't get a new card reader to go with it. Plan to get over Christmas so prepare for (hopefully) lovely photos! 

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