Life Lately #2 || Watching, Reading, Eating, Doing

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I thought it would be fun to start keeping track of the little things I have been doing in my life through this blog. January was my month of reorganising my life and easing myself into 2014.

I have been lazy with my TV show watching as of late but I have been getting back into watching Channel 4. I’ve become obsessed with George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. It’s all about the creative use of small spaces and it makes just want to live in a beautiful yurt in the middle of nowhere!

I find lately I never really have the time to sit down and physically read a book so to try combat this I downloaded the audiobook app Audible for my phone. I’m going to try to start using this when driving or doing mindless data entry stuff in work. It has a great selection and isn’t too badly priced. The first book I downloaded is Divergent as I have been hearing great things so can’t wait to get into it.

My healthy eating kick seems to still be going strong and I am really enjoying it. I have switched to Almond milk, have stopped adding sugar to my tea and I have got seriously into juicing. I was luck enough to get loan of a juicer to see how I would find it and I really do love it! I have been loving kale, carrot and apple with a kick a ginger and lemon.
It has been difficult to get up to anything exciting with the weather in Ireland at the moment but I am looking forward to the upcoming cheesy holiday that is Valentines. I know people love to hate on Valentines but when you are in a long distance relationship like me any excuse to visit one another and go for a fancy dinner is enough for me to love it.

A short and sweet update but its nice to reflect on the small things keeping me positive. :)

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