Mini Haul || Car Boot Sale Finds

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I don't know if this will interest many people but I cant help but share when I get a good bargain. My cousin and I headed off early one Sunday to scope out some bargains at the Limerick car boot sales. I hadn't been to a car boot sale since I was a kid so I didn't really know what to expect. We had picked a very rainy day to take for bargain hunting but thankfully the two sales we went to took place inside. As you can expect there was a lot of crap to sort through but there were a few bargains I was able to pick up and some others I was restrained from buying, I was stopped from buying a rusty bike for €20!(still regretting that one).
One of my favourite bargains I got was this gorgeous sugar bowl for €1! It a perfect shape in a beautiful mint green decorated with gold detailing. I use it for holding knick knacks and jewellery on my dresser so it has proved to be really practical. 
I also picked up a not so practical old fashioned alarm clock. I couldn't resist its retro feel and grey finish. Yes I am a hipster and I will admit it. You would think an alarm clock would be practical but as much as I love it I couldn't stand the ticking when I wound it! But for €2 I'm not going to complain. I also picked up a pretty duck egg blue flower pot for for €2 too. 

If you are ever stuck for something to do on a Sunday if you have one local to you car boot sales are a great way to spend the day as you really don't know what bargains you could find. 


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