New Cookbooks for 2014

Friday, February 07, 2014

I have decided that 2014 is going to be the year I start to take cooking more seriously and make REAL food! I started a bit last year with my Cooking with Pinterest series, and I do plan to continue with that but sometimes you need to treat yourself to some beautiful cookbooks to get back into it. At Christmas I did just that and purchased two beautiful Irish cookbooks, the first the adorable Lily Higgins book Dream Deli, and on a short trip back to Galway I pick up the stunning cookbook from Ard Bia at Nimmos which was a café I was obsessed with when I lived there. 
Lily Higgins is a food blogger and Irish chef trained in the famous Irish cooking school Ballymaloe, she is also sister to the hilarious comedian Maeve Higgins. They even did a cooking show together a few years ago mixing food and funny all in one. I had to pick up her book once I heard the concept for it. Lily has always wanted a café but like us all life has been getting in the way; so this book is a collection of all her dream recipes she would feature if she had the chance. 
This book is great for me as the recipes are really accessible and me not being the greatest cook I feel it is easy enough to source ingredients and follow the recipes, those bean burgers are going to become a weekly staple for me. I also love that the meals aren’t too massive as if anyone reading this living on their own knows there nothing appealing about making a massive dinner for one so having these incredible lunch recipes is perfect for me. Also this book is seriously affordable at €11.50 here

The next book I picked up was an impulse purchase on my recent trip to Galway. As many of you might know if you have been following this blog for a while I lived in Galway 2 years ago and I hadn’t been back since! I had missed it so much, and the one thing I especially missed was the amazing café Ard Bia found down by Spanish Arch. The place is super quant with mismatching furniture and dishes as well as rotating local artist exhibitions all around.
All their food is locally sources and always has something a bit different on the menu. I couldn’t resist at the till when I saw this beautiful cookbook in front of me and after filling up on their tasty ranges of hummus I needed to know how I could do it for myself back in Kilkenny. The book is jammed with amazing recipes and ideas, some definitely more advanced than I am at the moment but I am happy to finger through the beautiful images and aspire to it some day. You can pick it up here for €39.

I can’t wait to try out some recipes from these books but in the meantime they look beautiful sitting on my bookshelf.  :) 

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