Review || Lush Angels on Bare Skin Face Cleanser

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lush angel 1
If there is one thing I am obsessed with when it comes to skincare its face cleansers and scrubs. I was delighted when my brothers amazing girlfriend brought me back Lush Angels on Bare Skin fresh cleanser after a trip for me to try. Like all Lush products the cleanser packaging is clean and simple as well as the ingredients inside. The consistency is quiet thick with a mix of clay and lavender flowers (Forgot to take a photo, Doh!) giving it a beautiful earthy smell. It needed to be mixed in water in your hand before using which was a bit fiddly sometimes but I loved how fresh and clean my face felt afterwards. Because of the clay is was quiet drying but as I have combination skin leaning towards oily it was great at clearing my skin when getting breakouts. It was perfect as a night cleanser as it worked well with the thicker night cream and seemed to balance everything out. 
Lush angel 2
The one downside of the cleanser though was that because it was a fresh cleanser it expired quiet quickly after purchase so because I was using it with another cleanser at the same time it wasn’t as consistent in texture by the end of the tub as I used it past the expiry. Overall though I would definitely purchase again as it really did work well with my skin and the strong lavender smell was a great thing to have in a night cleanser before bed. 

Now if only Lush delivered to Ireland! EDIT: LUSH actually do deliver to Ireland through their UK site within 5 - 7 working days!

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