The #nomakeupselfie

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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So unless you steered clear of any form of social media over the weekend you may not have noticed the strew of women going barefaced in the name of cancer. Some hash tagging with #brave or #morto and some actually giving the number and code to give a donation. To be honest I was very negative towards the tag when I first saw it to appear in my news feed. Maybe this is down to dealing with cancer with my Dad and this has made me hard towards awareness campaigns, or I have been hardened by my Facebook feed constantly been flooded with "like and share this pic or you will get 4 years bad luck" type of tags. There has also been the controversy recently with the #Neck nomination tag that went around Facebook so I didn’t want to see further negativity towards the Millennial generation than there already is. If you are interested in hearing more about the Millennial generation go watch the Ted X talk by blogger Kelly Williams Brown, Millennials: Why they are the worst? 

I can’t sit back and say I am not part of it; having a string of social media accounts, a blog, and an Instagram filled with selfies so I wasn’t trying to get up on any high horse but there was something about the idea of it that didn’t sit well with me being associated with such a serious topic as cancer. I saw a lot of friends take part and show their donations and encouraging others to donate. And even though I donated last week when I might not have otherwise I still wasn’t feeling it, I thought why not just ask people to donate? Why associate it with a silly thing like a selfie? It wasn’t until I was driving home Friday listening to the news and heard the secretary for the Irish Cancer Society bowled over with joy that they had just reached €400,000 in donations. At that moment I started to cry, I too got overwhelmed by it all and was so proud that something so simple and some would say pointless could have such an impact. I then looked into it more and saw cancer survivors taking their own selfies showing how far they have come and just showing that they can still smile and be silly even through it all. I then realized the power of a smiling bare face. You can’t look more yourself than in that moment. 

I then stripped off my makeup and took my #nomakeupselfie and was now proud to spread the word on such a good cause. The tag has now raised over €750,000 and it shows the community of internet isn't all terrible and the power a simple shot with your phone and a small text message can make a huge difference. 

I thought negative towards the tag when I first saw it and I regret that now, I can now see that when people are given the chance to be themselves are share for a good cause they do. Our generation and all generations online that took part have a lot more power than I gave them credit for and I think this is a great example of that. 

Please give what you. Text PINK to 50300 to donate to Irish Cancer Society

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