Tutorial || Rag Curls

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So recently I treated myself to a fancy new computer and with that came a massive clean up of my old one. After owning my old computer going on 6 years I gathered up a lot of photos in that time, some photos I had taken for the blog but never posted.
This rag curls tutorial is something I tried about 2 years ago (hence why these photos are so cheesy!) and from what I remember it worked pretty well. All you need is a cup of water, torn fabric strips about an inch in width, and a hair comb.
To start dampen the hair with the water, or if you have very straight hair add a mix of water and setting lotion. Taking a inch thick piece of hair at a time comb through and starting from the end of the piece of hair roll around the fabric strip like you would a hair tongs, then tie the two ends together.
After you have completed your whole head and feel like a child from a Charles Dickens novel you can head to bed. Obviously with a glass of milk and a cookie too to make it authentic.

In the morning make sure your head is completely dry, I like to spray with hairspray before taking out the rags to hold the curl a bit more. Once you remove the fabric strips the curls wont be perfect like with a hair tongs but once you brush through with your fingers they would look really natural.

Another heat free hair tutorial that works even better than this tutorial is the headband-curling tip. Click here to see that tutorial.

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