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Saturday, April 05, 2014

chupi 1

I am lucky enough that through my job I get to come across some amazingly talented designers and makers. I thought an interesting new feature for the blog would be to showcase some of the beautifully designed things I have picked up over the years. My first handmade piece I want to show is a necklace from the lovely Irish jewellery designer Chupi I got for Christmas last year.

chupi 4

Anthony usually likes to surprise me for Christmas (even though I hate surprises) but when I see something I like I’m not long telling him. We were at the craft fair in Dublin when we came across Chupi’s stall and I couldn’t help but want everything. All her pieces are delicate and simple with a twist of nature. There were so many different pieces I fell in love with but I went for the Infinity Twig Necklace in gold. Chupi was even kind enough to add Anthony and my initials to the necklace making it even more special for me to wear it.

chupi 2
chupi 3

The best thing about Chupi’s jewellery is not only is it beautiful and handmade in Dublin it is still at an affordable price point. The piece itself is cast silver and plated in 18k gold. I do plan to pick up more of her pieces in the future and I can only see her growing better and better as time goes on. 

Please check out Chupi over at her website

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