24 before 25 || Update

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I can't believe it has been over a year since I set these little goals for myself. Unfortunately I can't say I have accomplished everything on the list but it's still interesting to look back and see where my priorities were last year. My 25 Goals Before 26 will be on the way soon but I want to really think about it so I'm going to take my time putting it together. 

01. Find my blogging voice
I don't feel I have fully completed this as this blog is constantly evolving but I have become more consistent as of late so I think I'll get there.  

02. Start making YouTube videos
Ok this never happened but its so hard to get the balls to to just do it! 

03. Get a paying job I enjoy
I got a paying job yes, not sure if its where I want to be indefinitely but its fine for a while until I figure out what I really want to do when I grow up. I am only 25 after all! 

04. Plan a big trip
Paying off loans and buying a new car haven gotten in the way of this but now I have a bit of saving maybe next year 

05. Pass my driving test
I hope I hope I hope this year!

06. Move out of shared accommodation 
I'm still in shared accommodation but with only one housemate so much better than before.

07. Move in with my boyfriend 
He has moved back to the same country as me this year at least so baby steps. 

08. Restart my creativity
I am counting this little space on the internet as my creative space and I have enjoyed slowly getting myself back into it. 

09. Start sewing again 
I have done a few alterations hear and there but nothing from scratch

10. Do a clothing clear out 
DONE! But I think I am due another one again

11. Get into an exercise routine and stick to it 
I am still trying to get a routine and stick to it! Im hoping a new pair of runners with spur me on! 

12. Read one book or more a month 
This one is so much harder than it sounds. 

13. Start a savings account 

14. Be more adventurous with cooking 
I think I have with some things, and juicing! 

15. Get a bike 
DONE! Need to get on it more though!

16. Buy a DSLR
Oh money where do you go?

17. Learn how to use it

18. Pay off my student loan
So close!

19.  Go proper camping in the wilderness 
Finally went camping in the Peak District in England last summer. It was beautiful and away from everything, until the torrential rain set in, then things got interesting. It still counts as camping even if you sleep in your car, right?

20.  Go kayaking

22. Print photos
This will get on to the next list. 

23. Scan and save my Nanna and parents photo albums

21. Visit a county in Ireland I have never been to
Im going to mark this off because Friday I am going to Donegal for the weekend and I'm very excited. 

24. And finally, enjoy myself more and quit worrying so much about the little things
I think it took me a while to get into this one but I have started to relax more and I think taking it easy this summer will help to do that. 

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