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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

organic moisteriser 2
I had a little ranty post at the beginning of this year chatting about how I wanted to start using more natural products and become more conscious about what I was putting in and on my body. I have been making small changes hear and there but I am a creature of habit so its will take some time before I am using completely all natural but I thought a good place to start was moisterisers. I did a bit of research online trying to find where best to buy organic skincare and I stumbled on LoveLula. I'm not sure if it is the more comprehensive website when it comes to this but they seem to have a good product selection and reasonable price points. My skin has been going through a few changes lately so I wasn't too sure what would best for me at the moment so I pretty much took a stab in the dark and hoped for the best. As great as it is to shop online I think when it come to beauty products nothing can beat actually trying it out in person before you buy, even with the best reviews something might work for one may not work for another.
organic moisterisers For day cream I chose Lavera Balancing Cream for normal to oily skin. I use my day cream as a primer for my makeup so I liked the idea of this being mattifying on the skin. The cream didn’t really live up that but the scent was so amazing I couldn’t stop using it. I love anything citrus and this was the perfect orange smell. The size was a bit disappointing for the price, and it didn’t have an SPF so I cant see myself buying it again just because of the scent. I found that when trying to find a good organic moisteriser a lot if them don’t include SPF so if anyone can point me in the direction of some that do please do!

I had the opposite reaction to the Green People Fruitful Nights night cream. I absolutely love the cream, really thick so very hydrating for nighttime but the scent isn’t very pleasant. I know its all natural but I did smell a bit like dodgy playdoh if I’m honest. I’ll use it up as it is quiet good and I would hate to waste it but I think I will be happy to search for anther nightcream that is more pleasant to apply. They actually don’t even stock either of these products on Love Lula anymore so I don’t think it was just me who didn’t love them.

So my first step into the organic world did not pan out as well as I had hoped but I will keep trying out new things as I come across them and eventually I will stumble on to some winners. 

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