Weekend Away || #NoFilterShow, Shopping and Eating all the Food!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So last weekend I took a few days off for some well needed time away from work, it was only 2 days but I made the most of it. Me and Anthony headed up to Dublin to see a gig, take in some shopping, run around Ikea and of course eat all the tasty things that came our way.
One of the first stops when we got to Dublin was of course Lush! Unfortunately this magical place hasn't yet reached the midlands (thats country Ireland for those of you who don't know) yet so I have to take the chance when I get it to try out some new things and basically smell EVERYTHING. I got a few early birthday gifts but I'll do a separate post on that as I may have gone a bit crazy in there. We also headed to the The National Museum to avoid Anthony falling asleep through all the shopping.  We took in some of the small decorative arts sections and there was also an amazing war exhibition taking place when we got there. If you are in Dublin and have an interest in history and beautiful objects is it really worth seeing. After some tasty burritos from Boojum it was on #NoFilterShow with Youtube royalty Grace, Hannah and Mamrie. If I haven't made it obvious by now through my twitter sharing I'm a bit of a Youtube fan, in fact it has pretty much taken over television for me. We knew we would be surrounded by 15 year olds but I was still very excited.
grace mamrie hanna
grace mamrie hanna 2
The show was hilarious and so glad we went. Strange to see them do a 2 hour show when used to seeing a 4 minute video but as a threesome they were great to watch. They even stayed until 1am that night to meet every. I wasn't planning on waiting around but thankfully we found a couple in the crowd around our age to chat to and so happy I waited to get these great pictures above! If you don't know who these people are and are wondering why I am getting excited about three grown women who make videos in their houses then just go watch them and you'll understand! 
I also got to meet one of my other favourite youtubers Clisare outide the gig. She was so sweet and was happy out to pose for pictures. If Clisare ever reads this though I do want to apologise for my tipsy state. If we meet again I promise to try be a better conversationalist than just yelling your video quotes at you. She is by far the best Irish youtuber I have found out there so well worth checking out. 
We capped off our mini trip away with a well needed hangover cure the next morning. We headed to a great gem in Dublin called Brother Hubbard. I don't know if it was the hangover talking but it was the best breakfast sandwich I have ever had; bacon, cheese and a runny egg. It was a winning combination. Also the space itself it is really cool with handmade furniture from design duo DesignGoat. I didn't get any pictures but you can check the place out here.

And if all this excitement wasn't enough we then finally got to IKEA! Most people know what IKEA is so not much to say other than I now own some lovely cushions, whole lot of plants and most of what was on my IKEA wishlist I posted last week here.

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