Wishlist || A Trip to Ikea

Monday, May 05, 2014

Wishlist || Ikea
1. Map Wall Poster | 2. Desk | 3. Red Chair | 4. Storage Boxes | 5. Bed Sheets | 6. Plant Print Cushion | 7. Glass Cup and Saucer | 8. Orange Floral Cushion | 9. Ikea Plants

There is something that Spring/Summer does to me and probably the rest of the population that just makes me want to change areas of my life up. I moved into a new apartment just before Christmas and I still have not made the ritual trip to Ikea. I’m still in a rented apartment so I wont need many bulky items but there something nice about buying a few fresh new things to add a bit of personality to the place. I also think little changes to your surroundings can make the difference to your overall mood. My hope is that it might make me a bit more motivated in other areas in my life that is something I seem to be lacking lately (hence the tumbleweeds on this little space). I am someone who craves a routine and not a big fan of change but lately my routine has not been the most productive so I am hoping this little space refresh with be the kick I need to refresh my head too. I have also been craving a holiday and hope to plan a big trip next year so I thought a beautiful map might be appropriate. This is only a small selection of the pretty things I would love to pick up from Ikea when we head up next week and I am far too excited about it all! 

Anyone else get like this coming up to Summer to clear your head? 

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